Saturday, June 1, 2013

Discipline of Perception

What is the sense of wonder? Perhaps language was invented to deconstruct and to objectify the data we collected through our senses.
"Language, she said, was just our way to explain away the wonder and glory of the world. To deconstruct. To dismiss. She said people can't deal with how beautiful the world really is. How it can't be explained and understood."
Chuck Palahniuk

Glacier and the Tree by Alex Proimos

How is beauty perceived?

Much of perceived beauty cannot be explained. The path toward deepening one's understanding is a discipline as gratifying as it is perplexing.

Photograph by Aleš Jungmann
"Listen closely... the eternal hush of silence goes on and on throughout all this, and has been going on, and will go on and on. This is because the world is nothing but a dream and is just thought of and the everlasting eternity pays no attention to it."
Jack Kerouac

Photograph by Aleš Jungmann